The Perks
Yorkers wants to get back to writing! We're focused on the reason we all got into this hobby, the creative collaboration between members of a community. Therefore, we're offering a place where you can feel free to develop your character freely and discover interesting connections with other writers. The mods will encourage this with many perks and community-wide activities:
  • Narrative/update prompts
  • Special event plot posts
  • Public scenes open to all members
  • Scene and custom match-ups
  • Free For All posts
  • Holiday themed activities

To Apply
You will need an IC username (no additional characters), backdated IC and OOC contact posts, and a blurb with the basics about your character. Examples should include 1 scene (with 5 or more replies from yourself) and 1 narrative/journal entry. Be sure to fill out your application completely. Any incomplete applications or if we feel your character will not be a good fit for the community, your application will be deleted.

Activity will be tracked via the tracker. Be mindful of cut-off times to meet activity. The activity cycle runs from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. Once accepted to the community, you will be asked to complete a survey as your intro, post it to ~greenacre and submit it to the tracker by the next round of adds. For those accepted after the 15th, you are only required an interactive post by the end of the current activity cycle. Members are asked for the following activity every cycle:
  • 2 interactive posts (abandoned posts will not be accepted)
  • 1 substantial update (narrative, multimedia, public scene)

Any crossing of IC/OOC lines will not be tolerated. God-modding is also strictly prohibited. If you feel that someone is crossing these lines, please feel free to reach out to the mods via the dropbox.

PBs should be easily found via google search. All PBs and characters must be 18 or older. Please keep your character's age within 5 years of your PB's age. Have at least 3 icons of decent quality prior to applying. Ethnic diversity is encouraged.

Your creativity will not be restricted in any way (ie. faux celeb & athletes are acceptable, characters from all walks of life) as long as it stays within the realm of reality. Mature and triggering subjects should be treated with care only after doing proper research. You will not be censored, but please place sensitive material behind a cut with a label.

If you need a hiatus, please comment the dropbox. Hiatuses will be given up to 2 weeks with a single extension of 1 week. Upon returning from a hiatus, provide an update within 1 week of your return. Activity extension requests will not be granted.

Guidelines are subject to change. Members will be notified if changes occur.